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Agape Pregnancy Resource Center -- La Crosse, WI

Dale Aguiar -- Helping Struggling Churches

Markie Bullock -- Spain 

Faith Scripture Ministry

Mike Eastridge -- CPR Ministries

Paul Herson:  Pakistan

Bill Henderson -- Guam

Les Hill -- Ireland

Tim Carpenter -- Bearing Precious Seed

Alan Ives:  Concord and Harmony

Casey Kline -- Ukraine -- Website

Jeff Lange -- Liberia

George Menyon -- Liberia

Brian Nibbe Jr. -- Romania

Faye Obgartel -- Mali, West Africa

Go Oishi -- Japan

Charles Osgood -- Ghana

Joshua Owens -- Argentina

Mark Priem -- Ukraine

Sammy Rogers -- Brazil

Terry Rushing -- Wings As Eagles

Scandinavians for Christ

Joshua Stertz -- Couriers for Christ

J.R. Wright -- Greenland

Buddy Ambrocio -- Philippines

Bong Ambrocio -- Philippines

Alfonso Cajucom -- Philippines

Aires Gonzales -- Philippines

Ronaldo Gutlay -- Philippines

Nestor Lubuguin -- Philippines

Jason Tulabot -- Philippines

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